Portfolio and Art Services

My primary role in serving the gods and the overall polytheistic community is as an artist creating sacred images, just as artisan-priests did in the Houses of Gold in Ancient Egypt. (More about that here.) Most of my art is created in Corel Painter X with a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet.

Wepwawet prayer cards are available for free for anyone interested. Let me know at Atefewepwawet [at] gmail [dot] com if interested. A donation to any non-profit of your choosing is highly appreciated, but not required.

Egyptian Gods

The bulk of my art focuses on the gods of Egypt and the animals that appear as their theophanies.

Each image depicts a positive event, as to the Ancient Egyptians, depicting an event in art made it a permanent part of reality.

Celtic Gods & Gentry

I have a fascination with the Good Neighbors, the Gentry — commonly referred to as “fairies” nowadays.

Additionally, I have begun depicting Continental Celtic/Gaulish deities as well, exploring this through an ADF druidry context.

Other Gods and Spirits

All gods are deserving of art — if only there was enough time to draw more of them!

Here you’ll find a collection of gods and spirits from Hungarian, Greek, and Aztec mythologies, with more to come.

“Like religious rituals, painting was a means of guaranteeing the divine order. […]  Thus, by means of its beauty and effectiveness, the work of painting was also the work of ‘purification; and ‘renewal.'”

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