About the Author

Feel free to call me Atef. I’m a kemetic polytheist (i.e. I worship the Ancient Egyptian gods), primarily devoted to Wepwawet, Anubis, Aset (Isis), and Sobek. I’m also a member of the ADF druidry organization, and exploring a relationship with Nehalennia in that context.

I’m just shy of age 30, live in the western US, and use any pronouns.

From childhood until my early 20s, I was a militant atheist who eventually softened into an agnostic and, from there, a kemetic polytheist. I practiced solitarily for a while; tried Kemetic Orthodoxy for about two years; and now I have returned to solitary practice. You can read the full story here.

I created “Roving the Two Lands” as a way for me to think through various aspects of my newfound religion. My goal is for each post to include both historical information on Ancient Egypt and my personal firsthand experiences of living as a kemetic polytheist. That mixture has always been the most helpful for me when reading the blog posts of other polytheists, so I’m hoping this format helps others as well.

Additionally, I consider myself an artist in the “House of Gold,” meaning that I create sacred art for the gods. Part of my service is to offer prayer cards of Wepwawet for free for people unable to afford purchasing artwork of Him; send me an email if you’re interested. More details about my art, including prints, are available on my portfolio page.

Also, keep in mind that both my bachelor’s and my master’s degrees are in subsets of political science, not Egyptology; if I make a mistake in any historical interpretations (or in anything else, for that matter!) please let me know. I’ve got plenty to learn.

When I’m not trying to figure out this whole religion thing, I’m training for my next half-marathon, baking something with too many carbs, or painting.

Feel free to reach out to me at atefwepwawet [at] gmail [dot] com.

Important note: this blog is a safe space for LGBTQIA+, and any racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, or any other form of bigotry will not be tolerated.