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Remembering Nehalennia on the Sea

This past week marks a full year since my dedication to Nehalennia, and that's worth celebrating! Nehalennia is a multifaceted goddess Who defies easy categorization. Her worship was concentrated in the modern-day Netherlands, with artifacts (and temple remains!) unearthed in Domburg and Colijnsplaat, and was of particular importance to the Morini people. And Her devotees …

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Beginning a Year of Sia, of Shedding Snakeskin

The inundation has come; Sopdet has revealed Herself. The new kemetic year is upon us. On the final day of the Epagomental/Intercalary days, the days-between-the-years, I asked Wepwawet for His final message for me to sum up my year. The answer was sobering: COSMIC EGG, NEGATIVE. "You will never fully comprehend even a fraction of …

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A Short Rite to Aid the Eye of Ra on Her Journey

Happy Summer Solstice, to everyone in the northern hemisphere! Today the Eye of Ra in Her many names (Sekhmet, Aset, Nebt-het, Tefnut, Mut, Bast...) is at the height of Her light, and begins Her journey away from us. The Wandering Goddess's journey away from us means that the light is starting to diminish from now …

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